A Writer’s Manifesto


A manifesto is a public declaration. This is my manifesto about my life as a writer. These are my beliefs about living life as a writer. There are moments that I live up to the ideals in this manifesto and there are moments where I don’t. To me, the importance is in declaring it and working towards this.

I believe a writer shows up to the page every day.
I believe writing is messy.
The first step is leaving it all behind on the page.
The rest is cleaning it up and untangling the mess.

I don’t believe in writer’s block…it’s all in the work, in the showing up.
I believe there are days when 20 words are considered success.

I believe that tools matter for the writer.
I believe in the enchantment of pens and the lure of the notebook page.

I believe thinking and talking are vital steps in the process.
I believe procrastination has a magic where words and ideas are actually percolating.
I believe every single person has a story to tell.

I believe that every word has a place and a purpose.
I believe a writer must claim the title of writer.
I believe in writing.


What do you believe? Take some time to write your own manifesto! Share your ideas in comments…


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