#TeachWrite Chat Questions Oct. 2

Times are Eastern Standard Time

7:30: Introduction

7:35: Question 1

7:44: Question 2

7:53: Question 3

8:02: Question 4

8:11: Question 5

8:20: Invitation to Write


Join Us!: September’s #TeachWrite Twitter Chat

Please join us on Monday, September 4th at 7:30 pm EDT for our monthly #TeachWrite Twitter chat. This months topic is very timely and one many of us are struggling with: Finding Time for Writing.

Are you a planner? Check out the questions for the chat:



7:30 pm: Welcome & Introductions

7:35 pm: Q1 –  Describe your current writing habit.

7:44 pm: Q2 – In a perfect world, what would your writing life look like?

7:53 pm: Q3 – What is one way you can bring something from your “perfect writing world” into your writing life right now?

8:02 pm: Q4 – How can you encourage others to write?

8:11 pm: Q5 – Respond to this quote in terms of your writing life: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

8:20 pm: Invite to Write – Beginnings. What do you think of when you think of beginnings? Let’s start brainstorming possible writing ideas.

8:27 pm: Wrap Up

We hope to see you on Monday, September 4th!

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#TeachWrite Questions for August 7th

7:30-Introduce yourself
7:34-What are your earliest memories of writing?
7:42-How has writing brought you Joy?
How do you connect with other writers?
7:58-In what ways do you nurture the writer in you?
8:06-What have you learned about yourself as a writer as a result of your own writing?
8:14-What is one wish you have for yourself as a writer?
8:22-What do you need as a teacher who writes? How can we help?
8:26-Invitation to write this month on the topic of Joy.



Invitation to the #TeachWrite Chat

Join us the first Monday of every month for #TeachWrite, a new Twitter chat dedicated to growing teachers as writers and teachers of writers.

Do you….

Believe that teaching writing is easier when teachers are writers themselves?

Believe that our own writing lives deserve to be nurtured?

Believe that all writers grow through dedicated writing time?

Believe that all writers need support and encouragement?

Believe that writing is a messy process and the best way to learn this is through our own practice?

Believe that when teachers write, they make writing a priority in their classrooms?

Our chat will support teachers not only in their quest to become better teachers of writers, but to become better writers ourselves.

Join us the first Monday of every month for #TeachWrite, a new Twitter chat dedicated to growing teachers as writers and teachers of writers.

Our first chat is Monday, August 7th at 7:30PM EST with the topic of  “Writing for the JOY of It!”

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