Why I Write

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    Join NCTE for the National Day on Writing, Oct. 20. 2017.

The National Council for the Teachers of English created a National Day on Writing. TeachWrite friends, this is the perfect opportunity for us to join the nation in telling our own #WhyIWrite stories.

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I think a lot about why I write. I’ve been a writer ever since I was given my first diary with a lock and key.  Inside I wrote about my crushes, my worries, my dreams.  I wrote really bad poetry, but I wrote.  Now I make my writing more public, no more key.  But why?

I write to

  • connect: This is not why I started writing, but it is the reason I continue.  When something I write connects to the life of someone else, there is a powerful story being woven into the universe.


  • know what I am thinking: I can be a bit of a scatter-brain.  Just ask my kids.  When I write, I have to make some sense of things.  I also find that when I am dealing with tough stuff, writing helps. Writing can heal.



  • love language: I love the way our language works.  I’m fascinated by words.  Writing can be a puzzle. Letter by letter, word by word, you are building something beautiful and unique.  I adore poetry.  I have discovered the richness of language by reading and writing poetry for children.



  • be better: I am always striving to be a better person in my teaching, with my family, and through my self-care.  Writing helps me be that better person.  Writing can lead me to myself and reveal a part of my soul I cannot access in other ways.


See more of my writing at Reflections on the Teche.

Why do you write?  Answer that question in your own voice and add the link below.



Author: margaretsmn

I am a teacher of gifted elementary students in Iberia Parish, Louisiana. My passion is writing poetry and teaching writing. I love to walk with my schnoodle Charlie, Zydeco dance with my husband, and watch the Bayou Teche that runs in my backyard.

6 thoughts on “Why I Write”

  1. Excellent post! I love to see why others write, especially since there are so many reasons! You’re right, writing definitely helps us reveal our soul.
    (I attached my #WhyIWrite to your link.)


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