This week we turned a page on the calendar, marking a new month.

Another page, a new beginning.

I love beginnings.  They give me a sense of refueling and renewing, or a way to say, “Hey, that didn’t work out so well, but we have this moment to begin again.”  When I start something new, I have this desire to start on a Monday, or the first day of the month, or a new grading period, or even a new year.  A benchmark, so to speak.

I seem to avoid beginning something on a Wednesday, in the middle of the day, or with just a few days remaining in a month.  New beginnings don’t belong in the middle of a time period.

Sadly, benchmarks are also a way to procrastinate, or put something off until a better time comes along. It gives credence to “I’ll start that tomorrow.”  For me, writing time can be the same way. I seem to be in a constant search for the right time. But occasionally, that time never comes, and I find myself not writing.  I easily make excuses for not writing, and typically they are tethered to time, something that seems to elude me.

The same day I turned the page to September, I also turned a new page in my own life. I began my coursework for graduate school, a degree in curriculum and instruction.

Another page, a new beginning.

I am excited, yet at times, I question my decision.  How will I have enough time?  Can I write ten page papers again?  Can I complete an action research project?  Can I keep up with my own personal writing life?  Can I still write mentor texts for my classroom?

This is why this group of teacher-writers is so important to me. Some of us have been writing for years, while others are just getting started.  I know this group will support me in my new writing, and encourage me to continue with the writing I have always done. That is what this group is all about.  If you need the encouragement to begin a writing life or the support to sustain one, then please turn to this group. That is our purpose; that is our goal.

There is magic in new beginnings.  We must trust the magic, and we must trust each other.  But more importantly, we must write.

Here’s to new BEGINNINGS!  Here’s to the MAGIC.

Consider this an invitation to write. We hope you share your thoughts about BEGINNINGS! It’s easy. Here’s what you can do. Go to your blog (or start a blog). Write a post. Share a link to the post by clicking on the link-up below. Find other posts and comment on their posts. We will share this invitation to write monthly with our Twitter chats.

We can’t wait to read your posts about BEGINNINGS!

Please join us on Twitter next month, Monday, October 2nd at 7:30 EST for our next chat.


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